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Short-term Health Plans are Cheap, but They’re No Bargain

The Trump administration recently touted new regulations they claimed would provide affordable health insurance coverage to five million “forgotten” Americans who do not qualify for federal subsidies.

Hospitals Improve Health by Helping Patients Enroll in Health Insurance

Applying for health coverage can be overwhelming. Complicated financial situations, family dynamics, and medical needs can make understanding and selecting plans difficult for many people.

VBP Alphabet Soup: So Many Recipes - What's the Secret Sauce?

APM, ACO, CPC, BPCI, MSSP, MIPS, CJR - all are acronyms for some kind of value-based program or payment (VBP) arrangement. Each shares the goal of improving healthcare outcomes while reducing costs. In this blog post, we explore three questions that come to mind when you look at this list of value-based acronyms.

New York’s Impressive Healthcare Track Record

Collaboration and innovation by Governor Cuomo, legislative leaders, and healthcare providers in recent years have resulted in better care, expanded coverage and access, unprecedented investments, preserved federal funding, and lower per capita Medicaid spending in New York. Not coincidentally, New York was recently cited as the “most improved state” in national health rankings.

When Guns Get into Hospitals: How Hospitals Protect Employees, Patients, and Visitors from Gun Violence

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities throughout New York State and nationwide remain focused on preventing active shooter incidents and preparing to execute quick and effective responses should one occur. Learn more about what these prevention and preparation efforts include.