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Doctor CVS is in the house: How CVS’ latest moves are changing healthcare delivery

Here’s what you should know about CVS’ evolving role in an ever-changing healthcare delivery system.


New York is diligently responding to Candida auris

New York’s healthcare experts are working hard to address this emerging and deadly fungal pathogen.


Proposed federal interoperability rules would weaken patient data protection

Patients shouldn’t have to worry about the security and handling of their personal health information.


New York’s regulations limit what a pharmacy technician can do. That’s hurting hospitals – and workers.

Current state regulations drive certified pharmacy technicians away, but the state Legislature can act to fix this problem now.


Thank a nurse you know this week

During National Nurses Week 2019, join HANYS in celebrating the contributions of New York’s nurses.


New York’s surprise billing law works. The nation can learn from it.

Transparency with regard to healthcare costs is important, and that’s why New York and its hospitals and health systems are already leaders in advancing productive transparency initiatives, including those that protect patients from unexpected “surprise bills.”"


Embracing technology: “Platforms” in healthcare

In technology, a platform refers to the underpinning systems and operations that allow multiple products, events, services, vendors, applications and/or technologies to work together. Each platform’s building blocks or services, used in many products, provide a standardized experience for the consumer.


Keeping an eye on coverage

While the end of March brought us the Trump administration’s move to overturn the Affordable Care Act in its entirety, there are several other recent developments that impact access to health insurance for millions of Americans.


Update on current measles activity in New York

Some areas of New York continue to experience a surge in measles activity, including in the lower Hudson Valley and parts of New York City.


Continued threats to healthcare require our constant advocacy

Driving home from HANYS’ Healthcare Advocacy Day in Albany on March 5, I was inspired. The outpouring of support from healthcare workers and New York’s state legislators was encouraging, their participation and voices critically important to our efforts to reverse proposed cuts that would amount to $657M for hospitals and more than $400M for nursing homes. But we knew that our advocacy couldn’t end when the buses left the Capitol. Our advocacy – in Albany and statewide – continued.


Some cuts never heal: Healthcare workers urge New York’s legislators to reject funding cuts

On Tuesday, March 5, healthcare workers from hospitals, health systems and other care providers throughout New York came together in Albany. United, they rallied, they marched, and they implored New York’s state legislators to protect healthcare funding, to invest in healthcare, and to recognize the impact of the healthcare system on people and communities statewide. But most critically, they urged New York’s legislators to reject the largest state budget healthcare reductions proposed in years.


New reports: See how hospitals impact their local communities

Quality care. Jobs. Economic activity ... and so much more. The benefits hospitals provide their local communities cannot be overstated. Hospitals serve as anchor institutions in communities throughout New York state and their positive impact goes far beyond the quality patient care they provide.