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September 17, 2018

For Immediate Release:

HTNYS Presents Trustee Leadership and Advocacy Awards to Deena Giltz McCullough and David Prince

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY— Healthcare Trustees of New York State (HTNYS) presented its 2018 Trustee Leadership and Advocacy Award to two trustees: Deena Giltz McCullough, University of Vermont Health Network—Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital; and David Prince, Olean General Hospital/Upper Allegheny Health System.

The awards were presented at HTNYS’ Annual Conference in Saratoga Springs on September 15.

Deena Giltz McCullough

Deena Giltz McCullough provides strong leadership for both the health system and healthcare partner boards. She currently serves on the University of Vermont Health Network (UVMHN) Board of Directors, where she is chair of the Planning Committee, and a member of the governance and finance committees. She also serves as a network representative to the local UVMHN―Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital Board.

A trustee of the former parent company for three hospitals in upstate New York—Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital, Elizabethtown Community Hospital, and Alice Hyde Medical Center—Ms. McCullough was instrumental in guiding the affiliation process with the entity now known as UVM Health Network. In 2017, Ms. McCullough led the disestablishment of the parent company, and “with great diligence and respect,” she created the Regional Health Forum to maintain focus on New York-centric issues, collaborations, and initiatives through quarterly meetings. She currently chairs the Forum.

Ms. McCullough brings to the boardroom a strong voice for clarity and transparency. She constantly seeks collaborative input, and has become a “reliable bridge” for the organizations navigating the challenging waters of affiliation. She is committed to better understanding the complexities of healthcare and advancing her knowledge of governance through continuous self and board education.

Described as a “generous spirit,” Ms. McCullough strengthens her Plattsburgh-area community through a wide range of civic leadership, volunteer work, and advocacy. As co-founder of the annual Evening of Healing: Stories of Strength, she has helped bring the community together for conversations on suicide, drug addiction, mental illness, and other critical issues. From mentoring college students and supporting a local arts center, to serving on many boards, she is fully devoted to the health, well-being, and betterment of her community.

David Prince

As a board member since 2003, David Prince has provided effective leadership and demonstrated deep commitment to Olean General Hospital (OGH)/Upper Allegheny Health System and the communities and region it serves.

Mr. Prince’s tenure and accomplishments as a board member are significant. Most noteworthy is his leadership as OGH Board Chair during a period of difficult, but necessary change. In 2009 Upper Allegheny Health System (UAHS) was created as the active parent of both OGH and Bradford Regional Medical Center (BRMC) in nearby Pennsylvania to ensure the continued viability of both hospitals and to bring enhanced efficiencies to the region’s healthcare delivery system. David helped provide continuity and stability by serving as the first UAHS board chair and he led the mirror boards of OGH and BRMC. Most recently, Mr. Prince was a member of the UAHS task force that guided the health system’s affiliation with Kaleida Health of Buffalo, further strengthening the future of healthcare in the Olean region.

Mr. Prince currently serves on both the system and OGH boards, and throughout his tenure has chaired the investment, planning, and governance committees. He is especially committed to advancing board education and adopting governance best practices, and initiated an annual board assessment process. David was also a member of HTNYS’ Board of Directors for nine years. He has provided board leadership for several community organizations.

Mr. Prince is highly regarded as a thoughtful and proven leader who “has always understood that the hospital is central to building and sustaining a strong and healthy community” and he continues to work tirelessly toward that goal.

Serving as a healthcare trustee is part of Mr. Prince’s deep and abiding commitment to his community. He has served as past chair of the Greater Olean Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and has been a member of numerous other community and civic boards, including the Olean Rotary and YMCA.

About the Trustee Leadership and Advocacy Award

HTNYS created the Trustee Leadership and Advocacy Award in 1985 to recognize trustees who bring extraordinary leadership and dedication to their governance role. The award is presented to trustees whose skills, commitment, and effective decision-making have a profound impact in their boardroom. The award honors trustees for taking a lead role in positioning their organizations to meet the challenges of the evolving healthcare environment. It also recognizes trustees for their outstanding contributions to grassroots advocacy efforts for their hospital or healthcare system.

About Healthcare Trustees of New York State (HTNYS)

Healthcare Trustees of New York State (HTNYS) was established in 1981 to address a growing need for governance education for New York’s healthcare trustees and to provide them with new opportunities to participate in healthcare advocacy.

HTNYS’ Mission

To assist voluntary healthcare trustees through education, communications, and advocacy to promote the delivery of quality healthcare to all communities in a cost-effective manner.