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Roswell Park Educates Firefighters About Their Work-Related Cancer Risk

Firefighters have a higher risk of getting lung cancer because they're routinely exposed to aerosolized chemicals while doing their job.

The Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo has teamed up with 22 local fire departments for a Firefighters Against Lung Cancer campaign. Roswell Park's lung experts visit firehouses to educate firefighters about their unique risk factors and how to detect the disease early. The firefighters and Roswell Park staff also work together to educate communities about the importance of early detection and the services of the Roswell Park High-Risk / Early Detection Lung Cancer Screening Clinic by handing out materials during parades and summer events.

The purpose of the Roswell Park High Risk Lung Cancer Screening Clinic is to detect lung cancer early when it's most curable. To help accomplish this, firefighters are given a spiral CT scan and bronchoscopy examination after a focused medical history and physical examination.