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A.O. Fox Hospital uses an “all hands on deck” approach to decrease sepsis mortality

Identifying sepsis early and ensuring rapid treatment greatly improves a patient’s chance of recovery. In 2018, A.O. Fox Hospital implemented a process to improve sepsis treatment and decrease mortality.

A.O. Fox Hospital’s sepsis improvement process required a multidisciplinary, flexible approach. The hospital’s quality improvement team consists of physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, lab, respiratory, pharmacy, infection control, quality, clinical documentation improvement nurses, coders, patient education, information technology and leadership staff. The quality and clinical documentation improvement nurses attend daily rounds to identify and address bundle compliance issues and/or clarify diagnoses.

Monthly sepsis and documentation improvement team meetings have resulted in the development of tools such as: reference posters, pocket cards, badge buddies, a bedside checklist, a concurrent abstraction checklist and patient education materials (pamphlets and social media). These tools are used during orientation and the concurrent review process.

This multi-faceted, professional, “all hands on deck” approach has decreased A.O. Fox’s sepsis mortality rate. Additionally, compliance with the three-hour bundle improved, even achieving 100% compliance in November 2018. The team also improved compliance with the composite bundle.

For more information, contact Dorraine S. Young, BSHA, CPHQ, manager, quality and patient safety, at (607) 431-5061 or dorraine.young@aofmh.org.