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Catholic Health Services of Long Island champions preventive health

Investing in preventive and primary care limits risk of health emergencies, chronic disease and morbidity; has higher quality outcomes; and is less costly for consumers and providers. Yet, health disparities in underserved and uninsured communities show a lack of access to and investment in basic preventive care for these populations. Catholic Health Services of Long Island established its Healthy Sundays outreach network and its Bishop McHugh Health Centers in 2005, both help combat these disparities.

These programs provide preventive health screenings and education to members of medically underserved communities on Long Island. Partnering with more than 40 churches and community centers across Nassau and Suffolk counties, Healthy Sundays addresses prevalent medical conditions – such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity – to improve quality of life and decrease morbidity and mortality. Educational materials and health screenings are offered, including blood pressure and body mass index, along with free flu vaccinations.

In 2018, 44 free events were held. Over 1,800 individuals were screened, including 1,300 who received flu vaccinations, with more than 2,500 attending the events. As a result, over 150 Long Island residents received referrals for follow-up care.

For more information, contact Patricia Gilroy, manager, community outreach, at patricia.gilroy@chsli.org or (516) 705-2595.