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Kaleida Health ensures a rapid response to medical emergencies

Recognizing and quickly acting on the clear and significant vital sign abnormalities that precede patient deterioration are essential to escalating care to appropriate levels and  preventing mortality. In 2019, Kaleida Health recognized the need for a rapid response team to attend to medical emergencies.

The response team needed to have critical care experience and a means to record and track medical emergency data. To address these needs, Kaleida developed a team that responded to changes in patient condition and elevated care to a higher level, as necessary. Objectives included branching the team out to include early intervention and assessment of stroke, ST-elevation myocardial infarction and sepsis, thereby decreasing morbidity and mortality. Methods used included:

  • establishing a protocol, policy and competency for the rapid response team;
  • bringing in key stakeholders to collaborate with the team;
  • having the team present and involved in hospital committees;
  • pairing with clinical education on mock code training and using the data to modify the teaching plan; and
  • tracking the data and modifying the needs to improve patient outcomes.

Through implementation of its rapid response team, Kaleida decreased medical emergencies outside the intensive care unit, improved communication and collaboration with bedside staff and providers and decreased mortality rates.

For more information, contact Adrian Cyman, RN, BSN, CCRN, nurse manager, medical ICU, at acyman@kaleidahealth.org or 716.859.2307.