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MediSys Health Network ensures comprehensive cancer care for all patients

Despite ongoing efforts to improve healthcare equity, racial and socioeconomic disparities persist. MediSys Health Network’s extremely diverse patient population in Queens is significantly impacted by healthcare disparities. Specifically, MediSys identified cancer care as a pressing unmet need in the community. Patients must travel outside the borough to receive comprehensive cancer care but many have no means to do so. As a result, some patients forego or delay their care, often resulting in poorer outcomes.

To mitigate this issue, the MediSys Health Network (including Jamaica Hospital Medical Center and Flushing Hospital Medical Center) began a clinical collaboration with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to bring world-class cancer care to the people of Queens and eastern Brooklyn.

Through this collaboration, MSK physician leadership will work closely with clinical leadership from MediSys to develop a robust oncology program at Jamaica Hospital. With the MediSys Health Network’s longstanding experience in addressing the social determinants of health for this patient population, this relationship will be highly synergistic with the goal to reduce the cancer burden in Queens. Together, the team will also create a more streamlined process for transferring patients needing more specialized care to MSK locations when necessary and for identifying people who may be eligible for MSK clinical trials.

Through this collaboration, Queens residents will have access to the highest-quality cancer care close to home.

For more information, contact Michael Hinck, director, public affairs, at 718.206.8739 or mhinck@jhmc.org