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North Shore University Hospital Advances Orthopedic Care

Musculoskeletal ailments hamper individuals’ ability to move freely and negatively affect their quality of life. Focusing on addressing these problems for patients, North Shore University Hospital sought to expand and improve its orthopedic surgery programs.

North Shore’s redesign focused on key quality areas. Pre-operative education was provided to better inform patients on preparing for surgery and a safe return home. Family and caregivers were given a coach’s guide on how to assist patients. Bedside rounding was adjusted to include a truly multidisciplinary team. Staffing hours were extended in the rehabilitation services department to allow for post-operative, day zero therapy evaluations. A collaboration with Northwell Health At Home resulted in the development of a specialized joint replacement program, and participation in a Six Sigma project focused staff on spinal surgery patient throughput. Additionally, staff analyzed quality metrics, including readmission rates and surgical site infection (SSI) rates.

Improvements for their joint replacement patients included a 0.81 day length-of-stay reduction, 2% reduction in 30-day readmission rates, 16% SSI reduction for hip surgery, and 45% SSI reduction for knee surgery. Spinal patients had a 25% reduction in excess days.

For more information, contact Michael T. Langino, Assistant Vice President, Orthopaedic Surgery, Northwell Health at (516) 562-4963 or at mlangino@northwell.edu.