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Hospitals urgently need Medicare Accelerated and Advance Payment Program loan forgiveness

These loans provided hospitals a lifeline in the midst of a crisis; their forgiveness will bring hospitals one step closer to recovery.


Reflections on the COVID-19 response – and a look ahead

Key takeaways from the past few months will help us prepare for future public health emergencies.


A lagging COVID-19 curve: The mental health toll

The COVID-19 pandemic’s psychological impacts highlight the need for a stronger mental health system.


Devastated New York hospitals continue to urgently need federal funding

New York state has shouldered a disproportionate, horrific burden during this crisis.


Thank you, New York healthcare workers

Our healthcare workers have proven time and again that New Yorkers can count on them.


COVID-19 in New York: How we’re responding and how you can help

New York’s hospitals and health systems are urgently responding to the evolving coronavirus outbreak.


How to best protect consumers from surprise medical bills

HANYS recently announced support for the House Committee on Ways and Means’ Consumer Protections Against Surprise Medical Bills Act.


Novel coronavirus outbreak: What you need to know about New York’s preparedness

New York’s hospitals are taking every measure to maintain preparedness for emerging infections, including COVID-19.


New York's budget deficit: Medicaid cuts to providers are not the solution

Medicaid already underpays providers who are struggling to stay afloat.


Forum recap: Resiliency in healthcare – and looking ahead to 2020

Panel discusses how healthcare providers can be resilient despite increasing changes and challenges.


New York’s hospitals are innovating, reducing waste and improving patient care

Hospitals and healthcare systems are building efficiency and effectiveness through Lean process improvement, change management and innovation.


What if antibiotics don’t work?

Clinicians increasingly face this terrifying question.