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Thank a nurse you know this week

During National Nurses Week 2019, join HANYS in celebrating the contributions of New York’s nurses.

HANYS’ staff nurse professionals, from left: Kathy Rauch, RN, MSHQS, BSN, CPHQ, senior director, Quality Advocacy, Research, and Innovation; Mary Ellen Hennessy, vice president, health system redesign and regulatory affairs; Loretta Willis, RN, BSN, CPHQ, CCM, vice president, QARI; Bea Grause, RN, JQ, president; and Nancy Landor, RN, BS, MS, CPHQ, senior director, strategic quality initiatives, QARI.

Not pictured: Cathleen R. Wright, DNS, RN, director, statewide hospital quality improvement, New York State Partnership for Patients; Deborah Tuttle, RN, MPS, CPHQ, project manager, NYSPFP; and Lynette Mancuso, MS, RN, project manager, NYSPFP.

This National Nurses Week, on behalf of all of us at HANYS, I’d like to express our deepest appreciation for all of New York’s nurses.

Years as a practicing nurse gave me first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to work in high-intensity units, help patients get better and, in some cases, keep patients alive.

Nurses are essential members of every healthcare team. They’re key contributors in the delivery of hands-on patient care, and they provide patients and their families with critical emotional support and counsel, too.

Their impact extends far beyond the patient bedside. Nurses help drive efforts within New York’s hospitals and health systems to improve healthcare quality, patient safety and exceptional clinical outcomes – efforts that have seen great results, from reducing infection rates and restraint use to improving long-term opioid addiction treatment outcomes.

Nurses are essential members of HANYS’ team, too! I am so thankful for the experience and perspective staff members with professional nursing backgrounds bring to HANYS every day. They lead critical initiatives, from improving care quality in our hospitals and health systems to advocating for regulatory and legislative solutions that protect and increase access to affordable, quality care.

We encourage you to express your thanks

Thank the nurses who provide care and rehabilitation to New York’s patients and nursing home residents.

Thank them for helping our hospitals, health systems, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities deliver high-quality care 24/7, 365 days per year.

Thank them for their ideas, leadership and dedication, which support the many positive efforts underway to improve care quality and the patient experience.

Do you know any nurses? This National Nurses Week, please call or email them, and tell them you are grateful for their work.

Better yet, take them out to lunch!