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June 20, 2014

HANYS Recognizes Distinguished Service, Quality and Patient Safety, Community Health Initiatives at Annual Conference

Bassett Healthcare CEO William Streck, M.D., Honored for Distinguished Service; New York University Langone Medical Center, F.F. Thompson Health System, North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System, Our Lady of Consolation Nursing and Rehabilitation Care Center, and Bassett Medical Center also Awarded for Achievements

BOLTON LANDING, N.Y. — The Healthcare Association of New York State (HANYS) presented its 2014 Distinguished Service Award to William Streck, M.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of Bassett Healthcare Network, for his exceptional leadership and commitment to reshaping the direction of healthcare across the entire State of New York.

At HANYS' Annual Membership Conference, healthcare providers across the state were also recognized for their innovative approaches to improving patient care and community outreach.

2014 Distinguished Service Award

As one of the longest-serving health system executives in New York State, Dr. Streck is a renowned innovator of healthcare design, delivery, and policy. Serving the Bassett Healthcare Network's community for 30 years, he has also led the state's Public Health Council and Public Health and Health Planning Council.

"Under Dr. Streck's visionary leadership, a single hospital in Cooperstown, with 70 physicians, has grown into a network of six affiliated hospitals, with 45 community- and school-based health centers, and more than 400 providers serving eight counties," said HANYS President Dennis Whalen. "He has redefined the role of a rural hospital by embracing new models for effective, efficient, and sustainable patient-centered care, while also significantly expanding access."

Since 1979, HANYS' Distinguished Service Award has recognized individuals who demonstrate extraordinary commitment to improving healthcare through service.

2014 Pinnacle Awards for Quality and Patient Safety

HANYS' members are committed to continuously improving the quality, safety, and efficacy of care, and have made tremendous advances in redesigning the way care is delivered in their communities. HANYS' Pinnacle Award for Quality and Patient Safety celebrates significant achievement in improving patient care and reducing unnecessary hospital readmissions.

HANYS' Pinnacle Award for Quality and Patient Safety for an Individual Hospital Unit recognized New York University Langone Medical Center/Tisch Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for their Improving Very Low Birth Weight Infant Outcomes By Standardizing Early Nutrition program. Collaborating with other NICU units across the state, NYU Langone developed an evidence-based nutrition protocol that detailed how and what to feed premature infants based on their weight, as well as how to adjust the feeding plan.

As a result, there was a decrease in the number of days infants were fed intravenously, the number of infants discharged small for their age, the number of central-line infections, and the incidence of neonatal gastrointestinal complication has remained zero for three years.

F.F. Thompson Health System's Use of Visual Management to Eliminate Hospital-acquired Conditions initiative was honored with HANYS' Pinnacle Award for Quality and Patient Safety for a Small Hospital. The hospital employed visual tools to track infection-free days and create greater awareness toward eliminating hospital-acquired conditions—including making use of whiteboards for patient rooms and displays in public areas—to serve as reminders for best outcomes and reference points for best practices.

This program has resulted in a decrease in all falls—including those with injury, pressure ulcers, and central line-associated bloodstream infections, as well as the elimination of ventilator-associated pneumonia.

HANYS' Pinnacle Award for Quality and Patient Safety for a Large Hospital or Hospital System honored North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System's A System-Wide Approach to Reducing Healthcare-Acquired Pressure Ulcers program.

Representatives from across the system formed a pressure ulcer task force to decrease variability and promote a consistent approach to skin care consistent across settings. The task force established uniform guidelines to prevent and treat pressure ulcers, developed a skin care product formulary, and established performance metrics that are tracked throughout the organization.

As a result of these efforts, hospital-acquired pressure ulcers were reduced 47% from 2011 to 2013.

Catholic Health Services of Long Island's Our Lady of Consolation Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Care Center received HANYS' Pinnacle Award for Quality and Patient Safety for a Post-Acute or Outpatient Provider for Managing Behaviors Without Medication: Providing Care to Special Populations.

Our Lady of Consolation implemented a multidisciplinary approach to reducing the use of antipsychotic medication with a special emphasis on residents with dementia. As a result of the team efforts, the facility's culture transformed to a more patient-centered, holistic manner of care, engaging patients and families.

As a result of these changes, the nursing home discontinued anti-psychotic medications, and gradually reduced doses, remaining below the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services directive to decrease the medication usage to less than 12%.

2014 Community Health Improvement Award

HANYS' prestigious Community Health Improvement Award honored Bassett Medical Center's Cancer Screening Outreach: Medical Screening Coach, which provides mammograms, clinical breast exams, Pap smears, and colorectal cancer screenings at a variety of community-based sites.

"A great example of keeping your population healthy, Basset's program brings critical preventive screenings to residents in their own communities—helping them overcome significant healthcare barriers of socioeconomic status, geography, and lack of effective public transportation," said Mr. Whalen.

Since 2008, the screening outreach program has provided more than 10,000 mammograms, resulting in more than 770 follow-up referrals and 31 referrals for breast cancer treatment. The coach also provided more than 1,400 women Pap tests, resulting in 97 follow-up referrals and eight cancer diagnoses.

The Hospital for Special Surgery received an honorable mention for its Asian Community Bone Health Initiative, which helps older Asian adults better manage chronic musculoskeletal conditions, while also increasing access to care in a medically under-served community. By offering culturally-relevant education and programming, more than 530 older adults participated and reported increased physical activity, better understanding of chronic disease and symptom management, and decreased pain and fatigue.

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital was also awarded an honorable mention for WIN for Health, a hospital-community partnership supporting children with asthma and adults with diabetes through care coordination. This program has significantly reduced asthma-related hospitalizations, emergency department visits, and missed school days. Graduates of the diabetes program reported successful diabetes management, and most participants continue regular communication with their coaches after completion.

The Community Health Improvement Award was established in 1997 to recognize outstanding initiatives focused on a specific community health issue, with collaborations and quantifiable results. This year's nominees showcase a broad range of partnerships that extend far beyond the hospital walls, strategizing to meet New York State's Prevention Agenda goal of making our state the healthiest in the nation.

HANYS' annual publication, Connecting With Communities: Community Health Initiatives Across New York State, profiles each nomination.

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