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Bassett Healthcare Network bolsters clinical pharmacy to improve population health

Bassett Healthcare Network initiated the Ambulatory Intensive Pharmacotherapeutics program in 2016 when pharmacy-related healthcare costs began to increase dramatically. This value-based population health initiative streamlines medication needs and prescribing to improve the health of Bassett’s rural communities and decrease rates of adverse health outcomes and overall healthcare costs.

AIP expanded in late 2020 to include three clinical pharmacists, one data analyst and one data scientist. The team uses risk stratification analytics to identify patients who may benefit from their services. Bassett providers are also encouraged to contact AIP with questions or for help managing complex medication regimens. All communication is sent privately to providers for their review.

AIP clinical pharmacists perform comprehensive chart reviews and provide tailored, evidence-based recommendations to providers. They offer drug and disease state education and participate in medication utilization and optimization projects.

Key performance indicators reflect the AIP program’s success. In 2022, an average of 119 recommendations were sent per month to providers, while the monthly provider requests for the program averaged 36. Between January and June 2023, the number of average monthly recommendations to providers increased to 151 and monthly provider requests increased to 44. The program continues to make a difference in Bassett’s communities while providing a unique avenue for clinician support.

For more information, contact Diane Cusworth, RN, BSN, MSHA, Director, Community Health, at diane.cusworth@bassett.org or 607.322.5153.


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