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New York’s hospitals are innovating, reducing waste and improving patient care

Hospitals and healthcare systems are building efficiency and effectiveness through Lean process improvement, change management and innovation.

Better patient and employee experiences. Improved outcomes. Streamlined processes. Reduced waste.

These are just some of the goals innovation practitioners achieve each day in New York’s hospitals and health systems.

Through our Pinnacle Award for Quality and Patient Safety and Member Spotlight, HANYS highlights successful initiatives to reduce readmissions, refine care transitions, enhance safe patient handling, reduce hospital-acquired infections, limit emergency department overutilization, decrease medication errors and more.

Hospitals and health systems empower talented staff to use Lean and other process improvement methodologies to achieve these impressive results, which benefit both patients and the hospital workforce. Lean helps staff analyze and streamline workflows to eliminate unnecessary steps, improve efficiency and reduce errors.

Lean and innovation conference highlights initiatives, best practices

On Nov. 7 and 8, more than 200 healthcare professionals attended the Hospital Innovation and Lean Network of New York’s 6th Annual Conference. The HILNNY conference, hosted this year by Northwell Health at Lenox Hill Hospital, provided attendees insight on:

  • building cultures that support and sustain innovation;
  • empowering frontline staff to drive innovation;
  • leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning and other technologies to improve quality and patient safety;
  • effective communication when implementing change; and
  • sustaining Lean transformation.

The conference highlighted numerous initiatives, speaking to results such as:

  • decreased hospital length of stay and readmissions for patients with alcohol withdrawal;
  • improved identification and early intervention for patients at high risk of malnutrition;
  • faster care interventions for stroke patients;
  • prevented falls for patients in the oncology unit;
  • reduced unscheduled sick time of healthcare professionals; and
  • identification and removal of obstacles in daily workflows.

New HANYS-HILNNY collaboration to expand Lean initiatives

HANYS has long supported hospital and health systems’ innovation efforts through our Commitment to Excellence program and our many quality collaboratives and learning networks.

HANYS is pleased to now be collaborating with HILNNY. For six years, HILNNY has brought together practitioners in hospitals and healthcare facilities across the state to enhance learning and further the development of Lean and innovation initiatives.

By working together, HANYS and HILNNY will bring more educational resources to hospitals, health systems, nursing homes and other healthcare providers.

HANYS thanks Northwell Health for taking a leadership role and hosting HILNNY’s annual conference. HANYS was pleased to support the development of this conference and we look forward to working together with the members of HILNNY to develop high-impact programming and resources for our members.