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New reports: See how hospitals impact their local communities

Economic and Community Benefit Reports

Quality care. Jobs. Economic activity ... and so much more.

The benefits hospitals provide their local communities cannot be overstated. Hospitals serve as anchor institutions in communities throughout New York state and their positive impact goes far beyond the quality patient care they provide.

Our series of economic impact and community benefit reports explores these impacts at the statewide, regional, legislative district and hospital- and system-specific levels.

These reports show why it is critical that New York continue to invest in healthcare providers, avoid damaging funding reductions and advance health policies that enable the continuing transformation of our healthcare system.

Hospitals drive growth while improving health

Healthcare is about people taking care of people. Our hospitals and health systems play a special role, standing ready 24/7/365 to provide needed care to all New Yorkers and respond to any emergency.

New Yorkers need access to quality healthcare; they also need employment and financial security.

Hospitals provide both!

  • Through jobs and the purchasing of goods and services, hospitals generate more than $162 billion in annual economic activity – more than 10% of the state’s gross domestic product.
  • New York’s hospitals generate nearly $24 billion in tax dollars used to stimulate local economies and support statewide initiatives.
  • Hospitals are also among the largest employers in every community, generating more than 817,000 jobs statewide.

Hospitals’ clinical roles are numerous – think physicians, nurses, techs, therapists and medical assistants – but individuals are also employed in information technology, food service, environmental services, human resources and many other roles.

The impact of these jobs extends far beyond the four walls of the hospital. Hospital employees’ purchasing power supports the restaurants and coffee shops across the street, the supermarkets in their neighborhoods and retailers and service providers throughout the community.

Our nonprofit and public hospitals also invest substantial resources into their communities. They subsidize care and services to those in need and invest in community health improvement initiatives – still more people employed and more people getting healthier, thanks to hospitals’ support.

Hospitals are resilient, but they need support

Communities benefit when hospitals thrive; likewise, they suffer when hospitals face threats.

New York’s hospitals and health systems face serious budgetary and policy-based challenges, many of which were outlined in the written testimony HANYS provided to the New York State Senate Finance and Assembly Ways and Means committees on Feb. 5.

Despite these challenges, outstanding clinical and patient safety improvements are happening at New York’s hospitals and health systems. Hospitals are expanding access to cutting-edge healthcare services, transforming operations to emphasize patient-centric healthcare and educating the next generation of medical and health professionals.

The governor and New York State Legislature have been a vital partner in advancing health policies that enable the continuing transformation of our healthcare system. Their continued support will help these improvements move forward and help hospitals’ community benefit and economic impact endure.

New York is home to a diverse hospital system, from major academic medical centers to rural critical access hospitals, providing needed care to patients in dense urban areas to the most isolated areas of the state. When facing healthcare cuts, like those recently proposed, we must think of every patient and every healthcare employee, and what such cuts would mean to our entire economy.