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We supported the No Surprises Act, but CMS’ implementation plan includes a poison pill — and we’re fighting to remove it

Contrary to congressional intent, CMS’ interim final rule gives leverage to health plans at the expense of patients and providers.


Emergency departments signal growing distress in children’s mental health

Hospital emergency departments are sentinels for signs of trouble in healthcare: all signs warn of major challenges in children’s behavioral health.


Infrastructure plan must include investments in hospitals, healthcare

Just as our nation’s roads and bridges have aged, so too have our hospitals and health systems.


Pay and pursue: Why New York should adopt this common-sense claims payment reform

Hospitals would get paid in real time for care rendered, while insurers would still be able to challenge the medical necessity of any procedure.


2021-2022 state budget must protect and invest in healthcare

It’s never a good time to cut state support for healthcare. This year it would be devastating.


Vaccine hesitancy and health disparities: How we got here and what we can do about it

UAlbany research provides a roadmap for New York and other states as COVID-19 vaccination ramps up.


New reports, pandemic show importance of protecting and investing in New York’s healthcare system

HANYS’ 2021 economic and community benefit reports illustrate the incredible impact our hospitals and health systems have on the communities they serve – and our urgent need to support them.


Goodbye 2020, hello 2021

The new year brings hope, optimism and a colossal amount of work.


Unfinished business:
Key priorities to address before the end of the year

Federal action on COVID-19 relief and healthcare priorities can’t wait until 2021.


The Affordable Care Act’s impact on New York – and what’s at stake during California v. Texas

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments Nov. 10 and could rule to overturn this important federal healthcare law.


Without federal emergency funding some New York hospitals weigh layoffs, program cuts

Cost-cutting efforts are no match for the devastation left in the wake of COVID-19.


Federal aid needed: (Still) waiting for the next COVID-19 relief bill

New York hospitals face up to $25 billion in COVID-19-related losses. They need help now.